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FA-X Special

L0923 - Fameccanica Hygiene Products Converting line with Packaging
Hygiene products machinery | Baby diapers | Complete line with packaging

Fino a 500 pezzi/min o 250 m/min
In produzione
1 x Core forming Unit (Cellulose unwinder, 2x NW unwinders, Cellulose pulp fiberizing section, S.A.P. application system, Forming system, Pad pressing, Cross cutting, "Two Positions Stand Holder" for cellulose pulp reels , pressing and sealing) 1 x Acquisition layer (Unwinder, cutting and application system) 1 x Frontal Tape (Unwinder and application system) 1 x Barrier Leg Cuffs (BLC) (Unwinders, forming and application system) 1 x Longitudinal folding section and Pressing unit 1 x Shaped and asymmetric Back ears with Fastening tape (Unwinders, forming system, Application and folding) 1 x Shaped Front Ears (unwinder and application) 1 x Final product cross cutting 1 x Final product cross folding section (bi-tri-folding) 1 x Discharge unit for faulty products 1 x Unwinder "Nonwoven Topsheet" 1 x Unwinder for "Polyethylene Backsheet" 1 x Leg elastics (Unwinder, elongation and application system) 1 x Self-adhesive Frontal Tape (Unwinder and Application) 1 x Safety guards 1 x Full servo technology 1 x Pneumatic System 1 x Air-conditioned Electrical Cabinets 1 x Automation Siemens 1 x Vacuum system for process vacuum, dust and trim collection 1 x Hot Melt Glue Application Equipment 1 x Melting system with ITW DYNATEC (10 melters and Glue gun) 4 X Product Size Change 1 x Packaging PAKSIS D-7 with 4 size changes
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